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BPVFC Freddie the Fire Truck Grant

At our May Trustee Meeting, we were able to have some members of the Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Company show us their newest apparatus, Freddie the Fire Truck!

He was made possible by a grant from the Bethel Park Community Foundation in the amount of $12,288.

Freddie the Fire Truck is a robotic fire prevention character to helps teach fire prevention to children of all ages, and makes learning about fire prevention & safety more fun to get the message across!

A fully animated fire truck robot, Freddie moves, speaks, listens, plays MP3s, and sounds his siren, all by remote control. He can wink, blink, and move his eyes, and with his smiling mouth, he presents a positive and friendly image to young and old alike.

Be on the lookout to find Freddie the Fire Truck at local community events and fire prevention education opportunities.

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