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2021 Scholarship Winners

Let's come together to say a MAJOR congratulations to our 2021 Scholarship Winners!

This year we had over 300 scholarship applicants across our total amount of 9 scholarships offered. This made things very tough to decide our winners, although we want to make a major shout out to these outstanding students, and wish them the best in their future endeavors!

2021 Scholarship Winners Per Award:

Cindy Buckley - Jillian Airesman

BP Volunteer - Grace Gealey

Frank LP Edwards - Sierra Kuzak

Kramer - Madison Scheidler

Katelyn Sams

Marguerite Young

John Deans - Kate Wholey

Michael J Furey - Dom Palombia

Scott Beynon - Ethan Oczkowski

If you or someone you know is currently an underclassman at BPHS, please consider remembering the Foundation when you are looking for scholarships. We currently have over 9 scholarships, and are continuously getting more added over the years!

Learn more at

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