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Test Scholarship Application
Do you currently attend Bethel Park High School?
Are you a Resident of Bethel Park, PA?

Select the Scholarships You Wish to Apply To:

Is the organization a 501c(3) non-profit, or other governmental entity?
Is the organization located in Bethel Park?
Has the organization authorized you to present this Grant Request?

Funding Request

Has the organization raised or allocated any money toward this project or have/will be recipient of funding from other sources.

Projected Timeline of the Grant Request

Grant requests cannot involve self-dealing within either party.

The program/project must be completed within six months of the Grant Request approval date.  BPCF, at the discretion of the BPCF Executive Board, reserves the right to have the funds returned if the program/project exceeds six months.  

Turnaround time for Grant Requests may take up to three months. BPCF Executive Board will not review an incomplete Grant Request.  Significant dollar value Grant Requests from the same organization shall be limited to every two years.

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If funded, I grant to the Bethel Park Community Foundation the right to use this proposal, and the results of this project, for public information purposes and/or educational assistance, to any who might benefit. Please email with any questions or clarifications.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon.

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